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Poet, and Storyteller

My name is Shaunelius, and I am a poet, storyteller, blogger, and podcaster, mother, wife, published author of My Life From the Back Burner by LA’BREA Aquaria (Pen Name)

I have been writing for many years. I studied poetry, and storytelling while in school. I started writing publicly two years ago. I just recently started my podcast this year. I enjoy writing and reading poetry. I also love telling stories, and writing dream sequences; that is something I just discovered in my writing. I cannot wait to see where my writing takes me next.

The titles that you see are some of the poetry that I have written, and is now on my podcast: Diva’s Poetry Moment and Music Videos. There is only poetry for now, but as soon as I figure out how to add videos, I will be adding them. If they will not be on my show, they will be on my blog posts. I normally just add videos I like from You Tube which I will have a link so you can click it and go directly to the music videos. I have not found any videos on Spotify as of yet. There will be times when I just post music. When you scroll all of the way down, you will find my trailer, click on the play button and have a listen.

I do hope the poetry I share is enjoyed by all who reads it, and listens to it. Stay safe.



You can follow me on my original poetry blog at:

You can also follow me on Spotify.

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