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Remembering My Brother and Grandmother

Whenever I think about my brother and my grandmother, I can’t help but feel sad. I miss them so much. My brother has been gone 19 years, and my grandmother has been gone 12 months. The 14th of this month will be a year, it still feels like yesterday that they both left. My heart has not mended yet. I don’t know when it will, or if it will. They both were beautiful souls. I cannot look at their pictures without crying. My eyes are filling up with tears right now. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of those you love so much. If only I could tell them I love them one more time. If I could hear their voices one more time. I had to stop and take a few minutes to compose myself so I could write again. I wish I had a picture of my grandfather to share but I don’t. I wish I could sing for them one more time. If I could hug them one more time. Laugh and talk for hours on the phone one more time. Right now I feel like I want to scream, but what good would that do?

I will keep on holding on to the memories we made. I hope to tell my grandchildren about them one day. I know they are looking down from heaven watching over me right now. In my spirit, I can see them smiling proudly at me. In my heart, I can feel their love.

I will always love and miss them forever. I will always cry for them because they mean a lot to me. They’re my family.

Cherish every moment with your family because you never know when their time will come to leave. Look past their faults and mistakes. Make things right while you can because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Laugh, love, and live life to the fullest. Enjoy life, it is a precious gift. Don’t let your differences keep you from your family.

They have no more worries or cares about this world. They are resting in heaven peacefully.


I miss you more than words can say. The tears will not go away. Life isn’t easy, but life goes on. I remember the very night that you were born. In my dreams, I talk to you, but every time you have to leave. Where you are happy and free, resting with Jesus peacefully. I love you always. Resting in heaven peacefully.


My Brother, I love you, and I miss you always.
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