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New flurries fell quietly as we silently slept the night away. Dreaming of good things that makes us smile in our sleep. Glistening in the night it is alright to blanket everything touched and untouched by the elements that covers us.

As softness falls from the sky so high to touch us with care, as we awake from our slumber we see what is out there. Blankets of powder covers the ground and every tree in sight we smile with glee and know it is alright.

Alright to go out and in it play. Alright to go out and make memories today. Whether it stays or goes it glistens all the way to our toes. Whether the time goes by or just stands still it is the winter coldness that we all feel.

Glistening through the night and sparkle through the day, wish this beautiful white powder could stay. Nevertheless it has to leave for how long we don’t know, but I can truly say that I enjoyed the glistening snow.

For those that did not it is such a shame simply because it may not come back again. For a very long time we waited to see such a wonderful sight, I enjoyed being outside before it turned night.

Moments in time I captured to share even though my pictures isn’t there. That only moment I did not let slip by, because if I did I probably would have cried. It is not everyday that we are blessed with such a beautiful sight, and even when the glistening is gone it will be alright.

I hope for it to return again sometime soon because if it does it will be moments in time part two. What such marvelous things our Creator holds in the chambers of heaven for us to enjoy, for every young girl and boy. We must not forget about the young at heart for they are as young as they feel; they will always remember that the glistening was real.

Glistening like diamonds thrown down to earth, the snow fell and nothing was hurt. How beautiful were the trees that stood so tall, it was like looking at pictures in a book of a winter wonderland. The air was crisp, fingers were numb they hurt so bad I almost could not feel my thumbs.

Glistening powder refreshing and clean I am just glad it was not a storm that was mean. Until next time when it glistens again, I am going out and not staying in.

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As this month has come to a close, we enjoyed the rain and the snow. The smell of the snow and the crispness in the air was so calm and refreshing. Everything was quiet as if time stood still. I enjoyed it very much. Rain has come to water the earth to welcome new birth as the trees wait for Spring to arrive to bloom.

The sun shines today so bright brings feelings of love to the hearts of those who love being romantic. Everything is as it seems. No noise to hear, just soft music to lighten the moment.

Quiet is kept in the heart of the one having thoughts of love after the snow is long gone. A smile adorns her face knowing that she is happy in her heart. What is it about the snow that makes us have warm fuzzy feelings inside? What about it that makes us fall in love all over again? Is it the softness of it that reminds us of a soft gentle touch, or is it the way it glides down to the earth that reminds us of a slow dance to soft music?

As the sun sets, the day comes to a close never to be seen again. Today, it I enjoyed for tomorrow is a new day, a new month in the new year. I see the trees waving their branches in the cool breeze of the evening. Reflecting on today brings joy to my heart. Breathing deeply letting go of negativity that was trying to creep in to steal my joy, brings peace to my mind.

Now that night has fallen, the temperature outside has dropped down to chillier than it was. Snuggle time, cuddle time, favorite movie time. Until tomorrow; parting is such sweet sorrow. It pains me to stop, but I must retire. I need my beauty rest, chow.

I chose this because of the sun and snow glistening in the background. The greenery makes it even more beautiful.

This was added on 1/31/2021 Sunday night.

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