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My Life: From the Back Burner-Stories

The Author of My Life: From the Back Burner

Stories Being Shared from Parts of My Book


I want to do everything I want to do that makes me happy. I want to live my life to the fullest and enjoy it. Things has not always been easy for me in my life. When I look at all that I have accomplished, I know that I did not do it alone, I know God was there with me through it all. When I look at my book, I know that I am looking at my dream. I know that I am looking at something that I thought would never be. I know I am looking at something that took hard work and dedication. There were a lot of sleepless nights and shed tears in the whole writing process. There were times when I thought I could not finish it, but as I wrote page after page, I began to realize that I was writing something special that no one could ever take away from me no matter what. I knew I was creating something that would always be here for my children and grandchildren to enjoy someday. So, talking about what I want in my life is this: I want to leave a legacy that everyone in my family can remember me by now and later. I want to leave positivity that will inspire others to make their dreams come true too, and not to give up on themselves. I want everyone to know that they are important whether rich or poor, because everybody is somebody.


My early years were very hard. My early years took me through things I did not want to go through. Being as young as I was, I did not understand anything about the world I lived in during that time in my life. School was hell, and life was hard, but I got through it the best I could. It was like living in hell on earth. I wondered if I would ever get the chance to be happy and to know real happiness. I believed that things had to one day get better, but that day never came for many years. I just stayed being sweet as I was and did things that brought me joy such as going to church and singing and traveling.


My thoughts are this: No matter what hand one is dealt, it is dealt for a reason. We all play that hand we are dealt, and we play it to the fullest until a new hand is dealt. When that new hand is dealt, we may never know what the outcome is going to be in the end of that hand, so we must play it wisely with skill, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. We may not always like what happens when playing that hand, but whatever it’s worth, play it with a smile on your face, because it can only get better when it is all said and done.

It’s All About the Glitter!!!

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It’s all about the glitter is about all of the things that sparkle in your life, all of the things that brings joy into your life, everything that make you smile. It’s all about the glitter is about enjoying life to the fullest and making memories to share always. So, what’s your glitter that makes you who you are?

My glitter are my children. They are so far away from me. I really wish I could hug all five of them at one time. I miss hearing their voices and hearing them laugh. Maybe one day they all will come around again. They will always sparkle in my heart. Well, until tomorrow keep the glitter sparkling.

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There’s nothing wrong with having something to take the edge off while eating fruit.

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