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Do not be afraid of love and how it makes you feel. Live your life filled with love and romance , you just never know how happy you will be until you try. -Mrs. Shaunelius L. Sterns


Being excellent at something is a good thing, such as writing. Words can be expressed in many ways, and how they are said can mean different things. I call that excellence.


We must always be professional in everything that we do. We want to make a good impression the first time we do anything, because to me that matters. When you are professional, people want to do business with you, and they will want to take advice from you, so always remember to be professional so your professionalism will shine through.


Whenever a person is an expert at what they do, it is no doubt that it shows in their work. Everyone is an expert at something that they do, no matter what it is.

Titles To Write About
  • Being Passionate.
  • Love Poems.
  • Sexy Erotica.
Love Quotes

“Never stop thinking about love, it is a beautiful thing.”

Mrs. Shaunelius L. Sterns

Stay tuned for my new poetry, I hope love flows.

Check out YouTube for love songs and videos that will take your mind back to the good old days.
Thoughts On Passion

Passion is what you feel when you are thinking about something romantic. It is that special moment when you feel your senses run wild within your thoughts.

Sometimes thoughts of passion comes when you are looking at a beautiful sunset, or when you are taking a nice long walk in the cool of a Fall evening, or just when you are feeling really good about something. You just never know when a thought of passion may enter your mind. Do not be ashamed of it, embrace it.

What Do You Think About Passionate Poetry? How Does It Make You Feel?

What Are Some of Your favorite Sexy Slow Jams?

About Me

I am a poet who loves to read and write all kinds of poetry. I have enjoyed writing poetry for a very long time. I am a mother and a wife of twenty-one years, but I have been a mother longer. I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my favorite shows that makes me laugh. I also love nature. Now I am a published author, as of May 2022. I have published my first book: My Life: From the Back Burner by LA’ Brea Aquaria. It can be found on Amazon. I am now working on my second book, My Life: Moving forward. Looking forward to a great year.

“Love is beautiful, do not be afraid of it.”

This is an original quote by-Mrs. Shaunelius L. Sterns

Hearts and butterflies are a nice combination, because love soars from heart to heart when two people fall in love on every level.
Get In Touch

I can be reached at the Email address above should there be any questions about my writings. You can also follow me on WordPress at my blog:


“Love is like a waterfall, it flows from heart to heart.”


As the morning comes and day breaks over the horizon, as the sun peeks its rays from behind the morning clouds, there are sweet kisses in the Spring time. Gently and softly lips touch with a brush of passion from two souls who are filled with deep love.

Looking into the eyes of the longing heart who has deep desires of lovemaking in the Spring time makes the heart beat fast. Touching the body of the one that is wanted deeply entices the loins of the other that is waiting to be loved.

Restless heart waits longingly to be made love to, to be kissed in the Spring time of the morning. Thoughts are racing a mile a minute, and body temperatures rise with every second, with every breath that pants minute by minute.

Every second is a lasting moment to be remembered for so long, not forgotten waiting all alone. Restless still…longing still…thinking still…meditating on how it will be once it is given sweetly in the morning, that soft sweet kiss in the Spring time.

Love is passion.

Beautiful Sounds OF Love

Beautiful words make beautiful sounds, and beautiful sounds makes beautiful sounds of love.

As two caress each other, holding each other, enjoying each other, looking into each other’s eyes deeply, sounds of whispers comes through from lips so soft. Speaking sweet nothings in the ears of the one ready and willing to listen to the words of love being spoken.

Giggles rang out from the words being spoken tickles the heart. Kisses given quietly, softly, sultry, deeply with passion so strong.

Hearts racing to the love song being made by two in love makes beautiful sounds of love. Fireworks dance in the distance as an eruption occurs…hot lava flows like a river flowing wild and free! Captivation, motivation, succession, destructive seduction, screams and shrills of passionate climaxes fills the air with pleasure.

What wonderful splendor. What beautiful passion. What blissful relaxation! Now that it is over. Waiting for round two to quake, and to shake the soul of a heart to be awakened to the beautiful sounds of love.

Live and Love always.

Hot Summer Rain

As the sky is pretty and blue the clouds that are there are to, the sun shines, the wind blows, the smell of rain is in the air. Quiet is kept as the silence of the trees stands still, the leaves do not move. Quickly the sky turns gray; we know that the rain is on the way. Drip, drip as it falls, then a sudden downpour. How good it smells as it falls from the sky, leaving it so fresh and clear…the sun still shines, the clouds are still there, but where is the rainbow after the rain? Nowhere to be seen. As evening came, and night fell, the stars filled up the sky; night sounds came alive as they do.

Instead of it being cool, it was hot after the summer rain. Not so hot where the night could not be enjoyed, not so hot to have fun. Not so hot not to dance. Not so hot, but still need a fan. Not so hot not to sing, not so hot for anything.

Hot Summer rain comes from time to time, but it is still the same…nothing different; it is just a Hot Summer Rain.

Enjoying My Summer!

Finding Joy in Nature

As the wind blows over my skin, it is cool and refreshing. As the sun shines down on me from the sky above, it is warm on my flesh. Paying it no never mind I am finding joy in nature. As the sounds of music from the birds which fly from tree to tree, it is a melody unheard of…a symphony of music that only they can make.

Sounds in the distance of cars and trucks passing by one another to their destinations; they do not realize what a beautiful day it is. I smile at my own thoughts, laugh at my own jokes that just cracks me up to tears, pat my own self on the back and know that I made my heart happy, all in all while finding joy in nature.

The sky so blue and the clouds so white, lets me know that everything is going to be alright. Enjoying the serenity of my surroundings, and smelling the smells coming from inside makes my mouth water. As the day comes to a close, and the sun begins to set; I had a good time by myself while finding joy in nature.

Beauty In Nature

Waiting for Love

Time passes as she waits for love. Her heart waits to be captivated by the love that she longs for. Her heart aches with longing and anticipation of how she will react when she finally receives the love she has been waiting for. Thoughts enters her mind of what it may make her feel deep inside those secret places that are longing to be touched by love. Deep thoughts of passion make her body tingle from deep within her soul, from deep within her heart. Only she knows what she wants from her love who’s on her mind constantly. She knows how she wants to be touched. She knows what she wants to make her feel just how she wants to feel all over. She knows that when love is made, it is going to take her imagination to places it has never been before. She is going to feel like she is floating above the universe in the stars and enjoying every moment of bliss that she has been waiting for. She feels like she has been waiting forever, but it has only been a few moments in time.

The sun has set, the moon and stars are shining in the beautiful night sky. She would like to take a walk, but it makes her sad because she doesn’t want to walk alone. She wants to walk with the one she loves, the one she has been longing to be with, to give her love to. She weeps because she has been waiting for so long to be loved. She wonders if she will ever find the right one for her. She wonders if she was destined to be a hopeless romantic and daydream of the love, she wants…the love she has been waiting for. She supposes that her real love will one day come and sweep her from her feet, and she will no longer have to wait for love.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on

Still waiting


Still waiting to be loved. Still waiting to be held. Still waiting for love to be felt. Felt from deep within the soul in which that has been waiting. How lonely it has become, and the day is almost done, but here one is still waiting to be loved and caressed. To be held in strong arms and captivated by the desires that lingers there. How blissful it would be, or could be if only this waiting would come to an end.

Thoughts from deep within the mind of the waiter. Cold water and cold showers doesn’t take the longing pain away, it only makes it intense. Will it be in a dream that the longing to be loved will come to an end? Will reality ever happen? Will one ever get to experience the joy of bliss again? Who knows except the giver?

One cannot continue to think about passion when it isn’t happening for them. One cannot keep dreaming that it will eventually happen for them. One must forget about how it once was because nothing will ever be the same again. How different life for lovers change? How one could wish it were the same, but reality speaks loudly and clearly that maybe those days are over and gone.

Still waiting, hoping, dreaming, and wishing for love to come and ravish the waiting heart that has much love to give, and kisses to share; to kiss them there where love soars that sends the mind to places unknown. Feel the beating heart as it is happy. See the smiles that adorn the faces of the lovers whose in love. Feel and hear the whispers of sweet nothings spoken in silence after a gentle I Love You as the two fall fast asleep; because now there is no more waiting. c.2022 by L.A.

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