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When Love Hurts

I was born into a world where it is supposed to be love.

I was born into a world where there is no love.

I was born into a world where there’s supposed to be peace and joy.

I was born into a world where there is no peace and joy.

Love isn’t supposed to hurt. It is supposed to feel good.

Love is supposed to keep a smile on one’s face, not tears and sadness, not grief, not stress, not pain, not heartache, not hate.

Love is supposed to make the sunshine just a bit brighter, the heartbeat a little joyously, the laughter louder.


When love hurts it makes a person look at all of the things that are going wrong, love turns out to be a lie.

People say ”I love you” to make themselves look good and sound good, but the thing is this; you know when they mean it and when they don’t. When it is real it is felt, when it is fake it is felt.

Love may be blind, but it still isn’t supposed to hurt.

Real love came and died for us. Laid down His life for us. Took the hurt and pain for us.

So why do some use love to hurt and manipulate the ones they say that they love?

I believe in real love and that is God’s, real love.
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