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Spring Breeze In Winter

As we enjoy the cold, there are times when there are warm days, and there are times when there is a Spring Breeze in Winter. The sun shines, but it is still cold, the feeling of Spring is in the air, but it is still cold; it is cold because it is Winter.

There are times when we see the fog and we assume that it is cold, but it is really warm, but in all honesty it is still Winter. We never know what tomorrow is going to bring. We never know what it is going to feel like outside, so we wait. We wait for the next day to come to see what it is going to be like.

Spring is on the way. Winter is getting ready to say farewell, but until then we can still enjoy a Spring Breeze in Winter. We can still enjoy the crispness that is in the air that gives us the feeling of love.

We can still enjoy walking with that special someone making memories that will last a lifetime. We can still listen to our favorite music as we sip on that unique beverage that only one can make.

We can still enjoy long rides on the highway that leads us to our favorite destinations. We can still dance to our favorite music, smoke meat, and have fun with our friends. There is nothing like enjoying a nice Spring Breeze in Winter.

As the day comes to a close memories has been made, laughter and conversation has been shared, but most of all we made it through a nice Spring Breeze in Winter.

The flowers represent Spring, and the snow on the mountains represent Winter. All in all it is very beautiful.
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