Curves in the Road in Winter

Where Will the Curves Take You?

Winter snow blows in unexpectedly on a cold winter day turning the sky from white to gray. Flurries cascade down softly as the trees stand still catching everyone that falls. The chill in the breeze freezes the ground leaving black ice on the road.

What can one do except dream of driving to a place where it is warm and snow free. Where does the curve lead? What awaits one beyond it? Snow graces everything beautifully, but the green in the trees can still be seen, they never took their winter’s nap until Spring. The grass that sleeps beside the road which curves to an unknown destination relaxes under the white blanket quietly. Nothing crawling in and out to disturb it; must be blissful.

One never knows when snow is going to blow in and leave her white powder all over everything for us to enjoy, even if we can’t travel around the curve that leads to a destination unknown.

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Spring flows in after Winter has come and gone. The grass is pretty and green and glad to be at home. The lake glides on as the ripples play in the warm sun that shines down from the sky. The smell of Spring is in the air, and everything has awakened from sleeping. New birth in the world is great to see, the flowers…the trees…the birds…the bees. What a blissful time it is going to be to enjoy nature, and to enjoy Spring.


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    Good evening everyone, and welcome to another Friday Night Poetry Corner. Tonight I am featuring a wonderful writer, with a different style of poetry that I am sure you will find creative and fascinating. Shaunelius Sterns, and her poem called “Curves in the Road in Winter.” Please visit her page and read more of her works. You seriously doubt you will be disappointed.

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    • Thank you so much. I appreciate the comment. Thank you for redirecting people to my site and for announcing it to everyone. Not only am I a poet, but I am a published author as well. You can find my first book on My Life From the Back Burner under my pen name LA’Brea Aquaria. The book is $8.99 and the Ebook is $3.99. It has been out since June. Thank you. God bless you. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  3. Hey, good evening. This is a different style of poetry I have ever read, and I like it. Very descriptive, seasons of being. I want to feature this on my poetry corner. I will reblog this post, and hopefully, others will come and visit your blog. Well written work!

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    • I give you my permission to reblog my poem. Please let people know that it is my poetry. These are my own words. I am also a published author whose name is in the library of Congress in Washington DC. , and so is my first published book, My Life From the Back Burner by La”Brea Aquaria, which is my pen name. You can find it on Thank you for visiting my poetry site. There are more poems there as well. Have a great weekend.


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