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Wild flowers are so beautiful!

My Favorites


I use flowers as decorations in what I write because flowers make me happy. I enjoy looking at them and just imagining how they smell.

Everything I write, I want to share it because I never know whose heart will be touched by it. I never know whose day will be brightened because of something I have written.

I try my very best to be positive in everything I write, but I never know how the words will flow together once they are written. I just want to make people happy. We are living in hard times now. I enjoy being encouraging to others. I enjoy lifting people up. This is why I do what I do.


What and how do you feel about poetry?

When I think about poetry, I think about music lyrics. Why? Because poetry is words set to music to make the words sound even prettier than they already are.

What do you see in poetry?

Whenever I look at poetry, I look for the rhyme scheme of it. I look for words that rhyme, or follow a certain pattern. I look to see what it means to me, and I look to see what the author is really saying to the reader. There are many other things I look for in poetry. I also look for the humor in it; whether if it is funny, demanding, soft spoken, emotional, or just direct. I look to see if it is a cinquain, Haiku, or a picture poem. I read it again and again just to get a clear picture in my mind, such as imagery in the words being read. I also look to see if there is a plot depending if the poem is written in the form of a story. I also look to see where the poem takes place, and where it ends. It could be a love poetry, or erotica, romance, or just down right gritty if you know what I mean. I could go on and on, but I am going to leave something for the imagination to explore.

Enjoying being in an exotic place of tranquility.


I give advice spiritually. I write spiritual articles. These are just a few of the things I do. If you need spiritual advice about anything, just let me know. I can be reached through my blog site: Food for the Soul.

Sunset on the beach.
Autumn Color

How beautiful are the colors of Autumn? They are golden and vibrant. They give me a feeling of peace and warmth. They make me think of new beginnings. I can see the beauty in it. I know why it is so beautiful. Bless God for He has made the seasons to change and the colors of them. Enjoy Autumn because Fall is just around the corner.

POETRY and STORYTELLING by Shaunelius S.

Hello, everyone!

I want to talk about my poetry and storytelling. I enjoy them both. It is how I express myself; it is another extension of myself. It is how I can put what I am feeling on digital paper, or regular paper. It is how I talk about things going on in my life that I want to share. It is how I share the stories I experience in my dreams. It is how I get to travel without even leaving where I am. Whenever I write poetry, I write with my heart and soul. I try to pour everything I am feeling into it to tell the story to the reader. I want to be understood through my writings, and I want everyone to see my heart, and see that it is beautiful. I want everyone to see my spirit, and see that it is special, and that I am unique just as I was created. Whenever I’m writing, I am thinking about the next thing I want to say. It is as if I cannot get the words out fast enough. Sometimes I make mistakes when I am writing, because I am trying to get the words out as fast as they are coming to me. I guess I will always be like this, but I think it is a good thing because it improves my typing skills. But I have always enjoyed writing and telling stories. I have always enjoyed making words come together that rhyme when I am writing poetry. Sometimes I even rhyme when I talk; it just happens unexpectedly. Well, I enjoy it because it makes me laugh. I am glad I can laugh at myself. I am glad that I can find and see the humor in the things I say and write. My advice to all creators is this: Never stop creating. Never stop dreaming. Never stop doing what you love no matter what, because there is only one you just as there is only one me.

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