Wild flowers are so beautiful!

My Favorites


I use flowers as decorations in what I write because flowers makes me happy. I enjoy looking at them and just imagining how they smell.

Everything I write, I want to share it because I never know whose heart will be touched by it. I never know whose day will be brightened because of something I have written.

I try my very best to be positive in everything I write, but I never know how the words will flow together once they are written. I just want to make people happy. We are living in hard times now. I enjoy being encouraging to others. I enjoy lifting people up. This is why I do what I do.


What and how do you feel about poetry?

When I think about poetry, I think about music lyrics. Why? Because poetry is words set to music to make the words sound even prettier than they already are.

What do you see in poetry?

Whenever I look at poetry, I look for the rhyme scheme of it. I look for words that rhyme, or follow a certain pattern. I look to see what it means to me, and I look to see what the author is really saying to the reader. There are many other things I look for in poetry. I also look for the humor in it; whether if it is funny, demanding, soft spoken, emotional, or just direct. I look to see if it is a cinquain, Haiku, or a picture poem. I read it again and again just to get a clear picture in my mind, such as imagery in the words being read. I also look to see if there is a plot depending if the poem is written in the form of a story. I also look to see where the poem takes place, and where it ends. It could be a love poetry, or erotica, romance, or just down right gritty if you know what I mean. I could go on and on, but I am going to leave something for the imagination to explore.

Enjoying being in an exotic place of tranquility.


I give advice spiritually. I write spiritual articles. These are just a few of the things I do. If you need spiritual advice about anything, just let me know. I can be reached through my blog site: Food for the Soul.

Sunset on the beach.
Autumn Color

How beautiful are the colors of Autumn? They are golden and vibrant. They give me a feeling of peace and warmth. They make me think of new beginning’s. I can see the beauty in it. I know why it is so beautiful. Bless God for He has made the seasons to change and the colors of them. Enjoy Autumn because Fall is just around the corner.