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Deep Story Poetry, Let it Take You Places.


Dream Sequences

Lady Aquaria was walking down the path in her dream thinking if it could become reality, but she was awakened by the light turned on in her face which ruined her beautiful slumber. If only she could close her eyes and revisit her dream, it would be so splendid. It would be sweet tranquility. Nevertheless, she can’t. But she can dream again, but dream a new dream if slumbers permit. c.2022 L.A.

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Walking down this long road, the sky is dark blue, black, light blue, and white with a few light rays coming from the clouds, but it is very eery. The desert is endless and dry; there is nothing that can be seen which has signs of life, not even a coffee shop, or gas station along this long lonely road. No cars and trucks passing by, just a long road which leads to somewhere unknown.

Frightening sounds began to come out of nowhere. Visions of spirits started walking towards the road from the desert, but why? Why would they come out on a night like this? Screams from the voices in the distance shocked my mind as I began to run, but there was nowhere to run except up the road which had an endless distance of the unknown. Running and running up this long road without a resting place in sight, I did not know what to do! The screams began to get closer and closer. My heart raced harder and harder, but what could I do? I had no cell phone, and there was not a pay phone in sight, and if there were, who would I call, and what would I say that’s happening. I most surely could not tell anyone about the voices and the visions of the spirits walking across the desert on this highway; they would think I had lost my mind; so, I was alone to fight this fight on my own. I had to fight these nightmares on this long road alone.

Lost souls from long ago appeared in front of me in the distance and began to cry out, HELP US, HELP US, HELP US!!!!, but what could I do!? The sky opened up and bright light shone all around! I was terrified, petrified, and stiff as a board. I thought I stopped breathing when I saw what was happening! They cried out all the more, HELP US, HELP US, HELP US, HELP US!!!!!!

When I came out of the shock I was in, I told them that I did not know how to help them! I told them to go back from whence they came! What could I do!? This was a complete nightmare! I stood there for a minute and thought about the light that was shining all around. I told them to walk towards the light. I told them that it was alright. I told them that they would be fine, and that they had to go home because they did not belong here anymore, and that it was time for them to go home and end their endless walking and roaming the earth. They waved goodbye to me, walked towards the light and the light covered them and disappeared into the heavens. WHAT A NIGHTMARE ON A LONG ROAD. WILL THIS BE THE LAST ONE? C.2022.L.A.

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Brazen Poetry

Bittersweet words raced through her mind while thinking about the one she loved. If only it were not just a thought, but reality. If only she could see his face that she adored forever. Nevertheless, she waits for his return from traveling on a long journey far away. What must she do to calm her nerves? Where can she go to get away from her thoughts that she thinks about him? A hot shower should she take, or a cold bath? Maybe a run around the block will suffice, but sleep will be tiring. She waits nonetheless for her lover to return. c.2022 L.A.


She thinks about the day of his departure, but still awaits his return with longing in her heart. She hears the phone ringing, but takes her time to answer it. So, by the time she makes it to pick up the phone, it stops ringing. She checked to see who it was and checked to see if they left a voice message, but to avail, they did not. She was furious, but why? she is the one who let the phone ring. She walked back over to her chair and sat down. She thought about who it could have been. Hours passed and she dozed off to sleep. Within five minutes of her slumber, she was awakened by a horn which had pulled into her driveway. She jumped up and looked out of her window, and it was the one she had been waiting for to return for a very long time. Her days of being lonely were over. Her days of heartache had ended. The sun was shining and everything was beautiful. There were smiles all around. Hugging and kissing under a beautiful tree made it all even better. There’s nothing like being with the one you love. C.2022 L.A.

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See, this type of poetry and stories leave you wanting more, keeps you wondering. Stay on the edge of your seat to see what happens next. L.A.

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