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When It Feels Like Winter In the Fall

Fall is here and the sun still shines, but the feel of winter isn’t far behind. Crispness is in the air as the clouds are passing fair on to their destinations that has been prepared.

Even rainfalls and leaves a bit of fog, but Fall is here for one and all.

Pumpkins lay about to be picked up from the fields to be transplanted to the stores, children filled with the spirit of the gladness of the season knows that Halloween is almost near.

Dressing in their costumes making themselves unknown to knock on the doors of those that are home. To fill their bags of sweet treats as smiles grace their faces.

Winter coats are being pulled out with scarves and hats, boots are being worn while throwing back the flats.

Even if the sun comes out just to give light, even if it is cold in the Fall it will be alright. When Fall feels like Winter love is in the air, take time to reflect on the times of yesteryear.

Take a walk in the park with the one you love, tell old stories while sitting on a rug. Watch old movies that make you laugh and cry because Winter is on the way and bye to Fall we’ll say.

Winter brings the cold and Fall brings change, to change the way we look at things even if the colors are the same. When Fall feels like Winter we don’t know what to expect the next day, we just have to watch the news to see what they say.

When it feels like Winter in the Fall thermostats turns to heat, we always turn it on to warm our chilly feet.

Today, as the clouds hang over the smell of rain, illuminates in the air. It is time to sit and cuddle and enjoy the moment with care. Thinking of memories that made us laugh, some that made us cry, and some of the times when we had to say goodbye.

Moment by moment, minute by minute memories are made when it feels like Winter in the Fall.

I chose this picture because of the beautiful Fall color of burnt orange. So beautiful and majestic are the mountains as the reflection of the surrounding trees glow in the water that surrounds them.
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