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Poetry and I


The sky was so blue, and the sun so bright, that an eternal summer seemed to reign over this prospect.

Poetry and I is a place where I talk about how poetry makes me feel, and why I write the types of poetry I write. It is where I express my thoughts on music as well, because music is poetry that has been put to sounds and melodies that gives us the vibes that we groove to.

I chose this background because poetry is everywhere in every season of the year. Poetry and I is where I share my heart for poetry. The ups and downs of it, and the times when words just will not come together to make a complete sentence of words that will rhyme, or not, but still makes since to the reader.

Poetry and I is a place where I can brainstorm ideas and listen to my favorite music while I am being creative. So, stay tuned to see more of my thoughts on poetry. What does poetry mean to you? How does it make you feel? Where does it take you in your mind when you come across a good poem? What gives you the inspiration to write poetry?

Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. Stay being creative.

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Although Summer is almost over, there’s still poetry to be written. I am quite sure I am going to come up with something to say good bye to Summer on the last day of it. My time of the year will be here for me to enjoy. So, until it is all said and done, I am going to enjoy what’s left of it. Deuces poets!

Cool Refreshing Watermelon Drink

Doesn’t this drink look refreshing? It also looks delicious and pretty. Even though Summer is gone, it is still hot and there is nothing wrong with having another cool summer drink. Looking at this drink transports me to an island where the breeze is cool and calming.

Imagine chilling on the beach watching the waves in the ocean white with foam crashing into the rocks. Imagine watching the sun set behind the horizon at the end of a long day. Imagine taking a long drink of this beautiful beverage as the taste of it dance on your tastebuds trickling down your throat, isn’t it refreshingly delicious?

Summer shall return again next year, but until then, keep on enjoying your favorites that you can talk about while making memories to be shared.

Watching the sun set.

Poetry in the Fall

What beauty brings as fall sings her song of loneliness as the leaves fall to the ground. Mountains stand strong as the trees behind them sway in the breeze which comes from the sky above. What wonders to behold and sights to take in, knowing that Summer has come to an end. Now, it is poetry in the Fall.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

Looking at this abandoned place, can you just smell the Fall air? Such beauty left all alone in the fog surrounded by fir trees and fences. What a beautiful place to think and write for hours on end? The quietness of it all must be tranquil and breathtaking. Nothing to disturb the writers mind, and nothing to disturb the quietness of it all. One could build a city there for writers alike. One could create a drinking fountain to refresh the mind for new ideas. A metropolis of likeminded people who would understand the season and write about it until it was time for it to go.

Does one ever think that something like that could be done? Does one ever think that they are the only one who has ever had a dream like that? I beg to differ. I will still call this poetry in the fall. C.2022. L.A.


Water turns into ice as Winter blows her cold chilling wind across the surface of the atmosphere. No sun to give light to see it in the breeze that chills everything in her path. She blows her wind and rain freeze in mid-drop from the sky to leave endless puddles of ice everywhere.

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