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The Sounds Around Me

Sitting here in the car with my thoughts in the front of my mind, I hear different sounds of the vehicles passing by.

Some loud. Some quiet. Some rattle and shake. It is enough to keep anyone awake.

The sun shining bright with a little nip in the air let’s me know that winter is almost near.

Hearing the sounds of music that plays in the distance makes me wish I was at home listening to my own.

Still it has become, not so loud, but travelers traveling to their destinations, some far, and some near.

No birds singing, no squirrels playing, no bees buzzing around. No clouds of white just blue skies all around me.

Taking in the smells that surrounds me, is not good to my nose not to my stomach. Perfune lingers from my wrist smells so sweet.

Covering my eyes from the bright sun rays that I may see clearly is good for me.

The sweet taste of peppermint takes me to the smells of peppermint hot chocolate that warms my body through and through.

The sounds around me makes memories of today because in my mind this day will not fade away.

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