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Unhappy is she and she never thought she would be. Trying to bring joy into her life is like pulling a tooth. She wonders why her days are filled with sadness even when the sun shines.

She sheds tears because of the hurtful words spoken. Will her days always be like this? Will she ever smile again? Will she ever hear her own laughter again? She is completely tired of her days being filled with unhappiness.

There was a time when she was happy, but someone stole it from her because they wanted it badly. She awoke from her slumber only to find that her happiness had been stolen.

She has tried to find it repeatedly, but to no avail, she has not succeeded. Her heart hurts for the joy it once had. She wonders if it will ever return to her again. Everything has befallen her, but she isn’t the type of person who gives up on what she wants. She is a fighter. She wears her heart on her sleeve but has set boundaries that must not be crossed.

She looked at herself in the mirror and told herself that she deserved to be happy. She told herself that she would be happy again, and unhappiness had to leave forever. She told herself that she deserved to be blessed and that she would be. Sometimes, she forgets that she is born again. When she thinks about everything she has made it through she feels joy in her heart.

She has chosen to be happy. She has chosen to move on in her life to be the person she wants to be. She wants to be her best self. She wants to feel love in her heart. She wants to live and not just exist. She has great things to look forward to. With God on her side, she will never have to be unhappy again.

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