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Spending Time With You

My heart has longed for You. My soul has longed for You. My voice has longed to sing to You. I often forget that You are always with me. Tears stream from my eyes whenever I am in Your presence because You are Holy. I cannot fathom Your beauty. Your Spirit is so comforting to my soul.

Your Holy Hands hold scars because of our sins. How could You love us so much to lay down Your life for us? Your voice is that of rushing waters but soft and gentle. Spending time with You is where I want to be. In Your presence is peace and joy evermore. You hear me when I call out to You. You wipe every tear from my eyes. You tell me that everything is going to be alright.

When the wind blows, I think about You. When the rain falls, You are making things new. I do love spending time with You. When the oceans are roaring out of control, You tell them peace, be still. When the snow falls it falls quietly. The elements obey Your voice. You are close to me as my next breath. I can’t live without You. I do love spending time with You.

I lift my hands up to You and give You everything in my heart, and soul. When I am alone with You nothing else matters. My heart is content. You make me feel like I am walking on air. You lift my spirit high. Never am I ever alone even when my heart is sad. You make me smile through my tears. One day I will get to tell You this face to face, but until then I will enjoy spending time with You. I love You, Jesus.

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