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Grown Apart…What Happened to the Love?

Love between two people is supposed to last for ever. They say I love you, and I’ll leave you never.

Things are good only for a while. Where there once was a smile there is now a frown.

Together they live, love and laugh, and shed a few tears of joy, but all in all they have grown apart.

What happened to the love that they once shared? What happened to the hearts that once cared?

Hate is such a strong emotion, but it rears its ugly face. It leaves hearts in pieces and their emotions all over the place.

Love can be funny and hurtful words stings, but life goes on as the broken heart leaves.

Grown apart, and growing apart adds a rift into it all, but the one doing the hurting should feel very small.

What happened to the love between those special two, if they never come together again what must they do?

Will they reconcile their love and entwine their hearts again, or will they call it quits in the very end?

Grown apart…What happened to the love?

Grown Apart

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