Whispers of the Heart

Beating silently, the heart whispers melodies of its own song. Where is it heard? Who hears it except the soul that Carrie’s it? Is the rhythm fast, slow, moderate, rhythm and blues, or a mixture of everything?

Whispers of the heart speaks silently in the night when all is quiet. In the stillness, thought’s comes to mind of days past when all was well. The heart thinks of rhythm to ease the soul of the hurting life that once was happy, but now sad. What must the soul of the sad do to become happy again, even more happier than before? Shall the soul sing? Should the soul shout? Should the soul stay silent to think about what was?

The eyes of the soul can only see so much, but the mind cannot stop thinking that something’s just not right. The heart feels the pain of it all; just as the soul search for answers that it has questions to. Should the soul cry out and scream “what the hell is going on”, or should it just walk away and say “the hell with it?”

Whispers of the heart carries memories silently deep within its chambers that carries the thoughts along with it. Who can know except the heart and mind what’s there? Who can say how dare they?

Life is life. Breath is breath. The soul and body are one, but the heart beats alone with the songs that whispers from the heart alone. Whispers of the heart.

What does your heart whisper to you in your thoughts? How does your soul respond? What’s felt in your eyes to be seen from afar? Whispering silent songs only one can know whose ears has heard before, but only the heart can whisper them to the silent soul which speaks not to anyone, but holds everything in until it is ready to speak…the whispers of the heart.

Lilies, fragile and beautiful.

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