When Someone You Love Escapes Within Themselves

Lonely desert

How can life be so cruel as to not want to face reality? How can the hurts and pains turn inwardly? Strong emotions overwhelm the soul of the carrier to the degree of self relief.

Escaping, running, hiding, and shouting for help but does anyone listen? Lonely like a desert in a dry land where does one turn? Where can they escape to except within themselves?

Leaving reality of real life to explore different ways of living and having friends, but those imaginary places and faces are not real to the world, but they are to you in yours.

Darkness falls on the soul of the soul within themselves, takes over, controls, and doesn’t want to let go. Doesn’t want to let go of the soul that they may be free, holding on to them mentally.

They love the soul they bore. They don’t know her or anyone anymore. Where are they within themselves? Why won’t they come back? Come back to those who misses them! ?!

Maybe the world is too big…reality too real…life too hard is what they may feel. No one knows except the soul of the lost.


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