Winter in the Woods

Trees standing tall covered in white powder which fell and drifted from the sky stands still, quietly looking on at the fog that surround them. The road rests silently with nothing visiting, or traveling thereon. Sleeping until it is time to be awakened, they dream of sunny days when they can feel the sun shining on them, and waiting to hear the songs of the birds who makes nests in them to raise their young. They dream of how the squirrels will run and play in them and rest on their branches.

They dream of the pretty green leaves they will have when they bloom again. They dream of the sweet smell of Spring. They dream of the green grass and moss that will cover their trunks, and the ground. Silently they wait for mother nature, but father time has gone on vacation and will not be returning until the season is ready to change. Silently the water in the snow continues to freeze as night falls and the temperature drops to below zero. No one to cover them with warmth. No one to lite a fire surrounded by bricks to keep them warm. Together they live in these woods, but it is quiet and lonely. No one to hold a conversation with, no one to hug them, or swing on their branches just for fun.

In the distance, a crackle is heard but they didn’t pay it any attention; they just slept. Not knowing it, but one of them was resting lightly. All of a sudden one of the trees passed away and fell down. None of the others even budged to see what had happened except the one who was resting lightly. She tilted her branches to check on the fallen tree, but she was gone. There wasn’t any leaves and other branches to cover her up. It was so sad. What could she do? She didn’t want the other trees to see what had happened, so she shook all of her snow and ice on her to cover her up from anything that just may happen by.

She did what she thought she had to do. They were all family; even the older relatives didn’t know what had happened because they lived so far away in the woods. The fog began to thicken as to where nothing could be seen. The smell of Winter was in the air. The sky covered them even though snow still fell all night long. The stars twinkled like diamonds, and the moon gave off very little light. When it was daybreak, the sky was lighter, the stars had gone in, but the moon was still giving off very little light. Quietly, water began to drip because of condensation, but she was crying because her family member had passed away. She could not wait for Winter to be over. They only had one more month for Spring to come, but while that month lingered to come, she just cried and cried. She could not stand seeing what she was seeing. She just wanted it to be all over. She just wanted someone to come and move her relative from among them because she was no more. She really didn’t want the others to be frightened because of what had happened.

She knew that if Spring did not come soon enough, she wasn’t going to be able to take what had happened anymore. It had started to give her nightmares. Her hibernation had been cut short. She was so sleepy, but she couldn’t sleep. She kept what she was feeling inside because there wasn’t anyone for her to talk to. She became very depressed because of what had happened. She didn’t want to worry but she couldn’t help it. As it came to the end of Winter, father time came from his vacation, and mother nature began to awaken from her slumber. She walked through the woods and saw the tree which had passed away, she also saw the tree crying. She asked her what had happened. She told mother nature that her relative passed away and that she did everything she could to protect her until she could be removed from the woods. Mother nature called father time to see what he may want to do about it. He told her too just speak to the tree to wake her up and that she would turn into a new sapling to start her life over. Her relative was so happy to know that she was going to be alright even if she had to start over again.

The next day was Spring! Everyone was awakened from their slumber to shake off their Winter covers. What a wonderful sight it was to them. They were swaying their branches although there were not any blooms as of yet, but they were glad it was over. No one knew what happened except the two relatives, mother nature, and father time. The atmosphere was beautiful and filled with the smell of Spring. New life had been given, rebirth had happened, and all was well in the woods in Winter.

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