See My Heart

See my heart how it beats? See my heart how it speaks? See my heart how it cries? See my heart when it sighs?

See my heart how it mends? See my heart when it comes to an end.

How does the heart come to an end? Will it begin again? Will it be new again? Will it smile from within?

Will it smile from within a broken soul? Will it smile when stories are being told? Will it hold on? Will it hold out? Will it remember what happiness is all about?

See my heart how it screams? See my heart when it beams? See my heart through my eyes when tears stream when I cry. Don’t judge my heart for how it feels, because my mind plays movies from the present and the past.

O, how long will my soul weep from within? O, how long will it take for this to come to an end? The pain I feel shatters my thinking, but my emotions have no control.

See my heart as it should be. Don’t look at my past just see me. See, I wear my heart on my sleeve, don’t hurt it and don’t hurt me. Love me as I am with my flaws and all, be there to pick me up when I fall. Comfort me when I am feeling low, stay with me and never let me go.

You made me as I am inside and out, you know what my heart is all about. Everything I feel you feel it too. See my heart because my heart feels you. It feels you so deep more than words could ever say. See my heart because it will love you forever and always.

See My Heart.

This is an original poem written by Shaunelius L. Sterns c. 2023/1/4


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