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Broken By Pain…Healed By Beauty

Casting tears of pain ,broken hearted by pain, screaming from within the broken soul whose been hurt deeply. Only dark days are seen through the red eyes of tears of sleepless nights and long days. Nothing seems right in their eyes, not ever. The sun shines, but there are no smiles to greet the day. Time passes with the day as evening comes and night falls to give birth to a new day. How be it as it may tears still fall. The mind doesn’t understand why things are how they are. The heart beats as it always does, but the feelings remain the same.

She is in distress and disbelief, and’s disgusted by the whole thing. She wants to believe that things will get better but to her it is only disappointing. Holding on to what faith she has is even harder now that things are the way they are. One day she hopes to see things differently, but until then, she will only believe what she sees with her eyes. She will not trust another human being on this earth, or have faith that there’s good in all people.

Time can only heal her heart with the beauty in it. Time can only ease the pain she feels in her soul with the beauty in it. Time may help her see that all things are not bad, and just maybe she will change her heart again. Hopefully she will see the beauty in all things and be healed by the beauty in it.

Beautiful Peach Blossoms

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