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Sleet and Snow

The sky is clear and gray, I suppose the fog is here to stay. The wind slowly blows and chills the little toes. What remains of the leaves which hangs on the trees flutter in the breeze. The limbs sway waving good bye to the year that once was. Shall the snow come with the sleet, or shall she come alone? The clouds await her arrival. Whether she comes while it is day, or whether she comes after night falls, it is still Winter.

Now it is time to snuggle up with a good book drinking on hot chocolate, or snuggling up with that special someone enjoying the crispness in the air waiting for the first snowflake to fall. As night approaches, the air becomes colder and colder. There’s not a bird in flight, and the leaves began to flutter again in the wind. Sleet falls softly like little drops of rain, but no puddles of ice are formed. Who knows what it will be like in the morning? Will there be ice, or sleet still falling, or will there be snows of Winter blanketing the ground soft and white. I suppose we will have to wait and see what tomorrow will bring.

This is the Christmas season. I suppose we should be prepared for these kinds of things. Everything has gone to sleep until Spring brings new birth. Streetlights flutter in the distance as the wind blows harder chilling the atmosphere. Quiet is kept. No dogs are barking, no cats meowing, no squirrels running and playing, and no racoons crossing the road…it is a peaceful day for sleet and snow.

Darkness has filled the sky and the moon and stars are shining bright. The planets hang out in their homes in the universe, while the milky way galaxy swirls with stars surrounding it. The sun didn’t shine at all because she was asleep, not even a little ray, not even a little peek. The wind is still whispering to the snow to come, but to no avail she still hasn’t shown up. I suppose she is thinking about and taking her time by coming to visit, or even stay for a while. Whatever will be, will be. Whatever Winter brings with her it’ll be nothing that we have never experienced before, and that is sleet and snow.

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