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Five things I am good at are: Writing, Singing, Teaching, and Art.

Winter snow falls from the sky and envelope everything it touches. It leaves white powder of coldness surrounding the trees, the ground, the roads, and paths in which we may want to walk upon. Winter blows her breath and send chills of coldness deep to the bones which reaches up to the sky and out to the universe.

Animals are sleeping taking a long nap until Spring until everything is birthed new again. Shadows of the sun creeps from behind the clouds only for a minute just to see how things look, and to see if there has been any damage done. Sips of hot chocolate grace the lips of the sipper who’s enjoying the snow from within their abode. Can you picture yourself walking down this beautiful, breathtaking path which leads to the unknown, but it can lead you where you may want it to lead you in your imagination. Holding hands with that special someone walking down this path could lead to love, could lead to mending a relationship, could lead to starting new friendships. Who knows except the one who’s walking down that cold path?

Winter, what a beautiful season? Enjoy it just as the others. Embrace it. Make angels in the snow, most of all make memories to share.

Photo by Ruvim Miksanskiy on

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