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Throwbacks From the Past

Dancing and singing to the music which plays over the airwaves brings back the throwbacks from the past. Dressing to look good, to relive an era of music which made things happen unexpectedly takes the mind on a journey into the past. See the memories and moments in time from the lyrics that bounce to the notes from the instruments playing them. Laughing and talking about those moments in time makes you wonder if things were just for that moment, or could those moments be rekindled again. Sounds of soft music fills the air which takes the mind there to the nostalgia back in time, what a feeling it is. We are all throwbacks from the past because we have moved on from there. The past, the present, and the future all happens in one day, but the future is the next day in which we think about days past as we remember the throwbacks from the past. We always say” Remember such and such”, and do you remember this, that, or another? Throwbacks from the past.

Sometimes we may say those were the good old days, or we may say back in the day. Years from now, this will be a part of the throwbacks from the past. We know that life goes on just as the years come and go. Make memories to share with those you love and care about that they may be a part of your throwback from the past.

Five Things I Am Good at Are: Writing, singing, doing hair, nails, and make up.

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