Ships in the Distance

Long sea travels to lands unknown glides on the water with the small waves in tow. The sunsets high in the sky while the clouds make their way to settle the sun for a new day. Oh, how marvelous to see the sky that covers the sea as the ships in the distance sail on by. In comes the tide as it crashes against the rocks. The lighthouse looks on,ready to shine her light to beckon the ships in the right direction that they may not collide on the water. Can you just feel the cool breeze blowing off the water? So close, but so far away as they sail on until the new day awakens from the night which lulled the crew to sleep. The sound of the water moving along the surface of the sea brings about rhythm that’s constantly the same. Picture the stars and the moon shining in the sky looking at them waiting for the sunlight to peek over the new horizon to start a new day. Yes, the mountains covered in beautiful foliage sets the scene of the morning. The morning breeze is invigoratingly intense and chilly. As the coffee brews in the lower deck of the ship, breakfast is being prepared; can you just smell the aromas of it all? What Can one do except wonder where the ships are going? Where they are coming from, and what will be their final stop?

The sea is endless, and no one knows where it begins or ends, but the thought of it all makes one think of what’s beneath the surface. What lies there restless and unmoveable. Limbs of life lost; the nothingness of it in still darkness. No breath to breathe, no oxygen to receive, no way to leave the clutches of the deep that holds you while you sleep that deep sleep. Yet and still, ships sail on, passing by as life passes on to new life in a new home. We are all like ships in the distance; coming and going in the day and night under the sky so beautiful with tranquil peace. We can shine like the sun, and twinkle like the stars, but we all have our own journey and path to travel no matter where it leads us. So, let us look towards the lighthouse that will lead us safely through the waters of our life. C. 2022

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