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A Year Older By S.Sterns-L.A.

Days turn to night, months into years and seasons change. Life goes on, and life goes home, but sometimes it doesn’t wait until the soul turns a year older. Go back into your mind and see all of the fun things you did as a kid and let it touch your heart. Can you see the sun shining? Can you feel the wind blowing? Can you feel heat from the sun on your face? Can you smell the rain in the air before it begins to fall? Can you see your life and where you came from?

Down through the years birthdays came and were celebrated. Everyone had a good time at that time. Dancing and singing, smoking meat, kids playing, sharing stories from the past memories made. Those were the days. Can you smell the aromas in the air from the smoke? Smells good, doesn’t it? Is your mouth watering yet? Pick up that drink you’re drinking and cool your parched throat; can you feel it trickling down cooling you off?

Can you feel the breeze blowing through the trees as you sit and remember of you turning a year older on your birthday? That was a time in your life when you thought everything was going to be alright, but tragedy struck. It threw a damper on your party, but who can control what happens at any given moment? Who has the right to complain when something happens which spoils our good time?

Years come and go, and well, bad things happen, but we do not have to hold on to what happened, we can let it go and move on. There are some who make it to see another year, and then there are those who don’t, but all in all we will all still become a year older. C.2022.

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DAYS OF FALL By S. Sterns-L.A.

The wind blows softly through the trees bringing down the colored changed golden leaves which was once green. See how they fall down to the path that one may walk on golden leaves in the days of Fall. Who could resist such beauty? Can you smell the crispness in the air, the smell that makes you want to just sit under the trees and enjoy it all. Picture yourself sitting in your living room and sitting in front of the fireplace with these very trees in your front yard, sipping on a glass of bubbly just thinking within yourself with that special someone. Do you feel the emotions that are there?

Do you show them, share them, or ignore them? Close your eyes and vision yourself walking down this path in the cool breeze while the leaves fall and drift down slowly to the earth…you catch one and smile to that special someone, lean over, and plant that special kiss so deep that it touches the soul of the receiver. How romantic! Doesn’t it just make you smile at the thought of it all?

Fall has that effect on some, but others I cannot speak for. I can only walk through the doors of my heart and execute those feelings which has been stuck for so long. I can only bring back the days of Fall from memories past. I can only share them if they are meant to be shared, but if not, they will remain in the corners of my heart and mind.

Even as the sun peeks in, the ground is beautiful. The older trees stand back as the younger trees stand in the forefront trying to find their way down the path. Just like us, we all are trying to find our way in this world of changing seasons as they come and go from year to year. All in all, we must embrace the days of Fall. C.2022.

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