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Summer Moonlight Sky

Long days comes to an end as the sun goes down while the moon is getting ready to shine. The clouds say their fond farewells as the stars twinkle in the night sky. The night breeze sends out a sneeze but all is alright, they are all getting ready to talk about the Summer moonlight.

The planets join in and bring their electric vibes with them. They began to sing and dance to the music within. Dressed in their refinery there is not any jealousy there, they are all having fun without a care.

The glow in the sky is beautiful and bright, fireworks and star showers were such a delight. They had to come together again and party under the Summer moonlight. Time flew by while they were all having fun, before they knew it another day had begun. They said their farewells and their sad goodbyes while the party ended under the Summer moonlight sky.

Summer Moonlight
Autumn Delight

Sip-pin’ something so sweet is quite a treat while sip-pin’ it in the Sumner heat. While sittinunder a big shade tree listening to the sound of the bees buzzing by, oh, my there goes a fly fluttering on the wings of the wind.

Cool an refreshing as it may be takes my mind to tranquility out to sea on the ocean. I can feel the wind blowing taking away the rays of the sun. I can hear the fish talking as if they are the only ones in the ocean. In one place chillin’, but my mind is far away, one place chillin’ , what else can I say, what can I do to make this heat go away?

Sip-pin’ something so sweet is quite a treat while sip-pin’ it in the Summer heat.


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