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In My Mind

I closed my eyes, and in my mind, I saw You standing before me. Why was I afraid to run to You? Why is it Your arms I could not embrace? I wanted to, but I guess I felt I wasn’t good enough to run to You because of many things that plague my heart and mind. I don’t want to be afraid. I know that You love me more than my mind could ever fathom, but maybe I am afraid of all of the disappointments I have caused You, all of the mistakes I have made in my life. Please forgive me Dear Lord, and help me accept Your love that I truly need to cleanse my soul even yet again. Help me to accept myself and see myself as You see me; Your reflection; the image of Your Son, and His Spirit living inside of me.

Help me to know who I am in You, and to love myself so that the walls which has been built can crumble from my heart and fall from my soul. My eyes and thoughts are sad. My eyes stream tears because my soul longs for You. My spirit is thirsty walking in a dry land. The valley is so deep, it’s like walking on sinking sand. In one place I cannot stand on unstable land. Let rivers of living water flow from my heart, mind, body, and soul that I may be able to see me like You see me.

Help me, Dear Father, for I really need You. I feel lost and alone. My spirit to flow with my words speaking of You, telling the world about You. Let me use the talents and gifts You have given to me for Your glory. In my mind, I want to see You smile at me…send blessings to me. Whenever I look up at the sky, I see the beauty that You created. I feel Your presence in the wind that blows, and I feel the tears of the sadness in the rain that falls when the sky is dark. I feel Your smile when the sun shines after the rain have come and gone. I just don’t want to be alone. Here is my heart, take it if You will and change it to flesh and remove the stone that is there. Give me Your love that I may feel it there.

In my mind.

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