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Sunset Sonnet by Shaunelius L. Sterns

Look at this beautiful sunset as the clouds dance across the sky reflecting from the water. The mountains glows in the background touching the sky. What beauty to behold with eyes wide shut, but in essence the heart takes it all in. What captivatingly beauty of space the sky holds to keep such radiance out of reach? As the ripples in the water move with the atmosphere so deep. Young eyes glow with radiant joy to see such as never been before seen. Listen to the mountains as they burst forth into song. The sky dance. The water leaps. The clouds change wardrobe into the finest linen made by the master seamstress Himself.

What lovely captivating colors they adorn. They are well put together. One can see in the far distance the intensity of the red in the clouds and mountains. Are they having an argument? Are they fighting with one another? The lake looks on quietly…not saying a word, but just thinking about what to do should an eruption occurs.

Land to mercy! What shall be done about the two who are so close…close enough to touch the sky? Oh, sunset, beautifully dangerous! Still and yet quietly resting beyond the horizon until tomorrow comes to open up the gates once more to grace the sky again. To beam your brightness to quiet the anger of the past evening until all are in one accord again with all of the elements and planets, and galaxies which are so close, but yet so far away.

What can one do except wonder and dream of seeing such beauty in a sunset which reflects over the water?

Absolutely Creative and Beautiful!

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