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Autumn Love

And beautiful

The sun shines in a clear sky in Autumn while the golden leaves blanketing the path from the trees makes one feel Autumn love. Where does it lead to, and what will be at the end of the path which leads to Autumn love? Many may have walked this path to find that special someone, or to just find the love within themselves to share. How wonderful it would be if we could see what awaits the soul looking for Autumn love.

What riches to behold? What somberness one feels as one travels down this path looking for their Autumn love? Some may linger on the path for many years looking and searching for that Autumn love that was once theirs, but now is lost looking to rekindle that flame which set their hearts on fire. What a pity to be lost? What gratitude to be found while walking on the path looking for Autumn love.

Very well. Can you feel the Autumn breeze which flows through the golden branches of leaves which sways in the sunlight? What a beautiful scene? Doesn’t it just take your breath away? One can only ask, ‘Is this real, or is it just a dream I am dreaming while walking down this path looking for Autumn love?’

Tears have fallen and the path is moist from them. So many broken hearts were never found while searching for Autumn love. Are the souls still lingering there? Are they still waiting to be captured and loved to no end? Are their innermost parts aching to be touched in ways like never before! What shall they do? Shall they carry the pressure they feel alone, or will they ever be relieved of the pain from it?!? One can only wonder what to do in this matter. Will Autumn love be found of them, or will it walk on by never noticing the one waiting and searching for them?

Autumn love change as it begins to make room for Fall, but all in all , as sure as the sun glistens in the sky, there will be someone walking the path looking for Autumn love. c.2022 L.A.

Love is beautiful in every season.

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