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Background back sounds do words back down? Distant sounds in the background come around whispering words of hurt to shatter a soul whose trying their best to do the right thing to make good sounds. The wind blows as the sea rests calmly while the hills and mountains look on wondering what’s happening next.

Clouds drift on by as they do in the background not making a sound unless the sky turns dark and black, but quiet as it is kept, it is pretty; not a bird in the sky. What’s beyond the fog? What’s beyond the hills which look on? What is beneath the sea of water that ripples in the wind? Shadows play on the hills as the trees stand still providing a home for the many creatures which live there. If one could see behind the hills of the past to see what happened back then, one must wonder what would be there. What would be seen? Would we be able to handle what would be there? Would we see our ancestors who lived before we came? Listen to the sounds of the past with wisdom from the background, because someone had to teach them. Will we listen to the voices in the background whose come and gone, who knows the right way to everlasting, who knows right from wrong, who can teach a new song, but the question is this: Will we sing it? Sing it to the One who deserves to hear it, or will we ignore it all together? c.2022 by L. A. October 2022

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2 responses to “Background”

  1. Heartfelt & full of wisdom, Shaunelius. 🌞

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