See The Waves?

See the waves churning from deep within? See the waves as tears flow again? See the waves of my heart beating within the soul of the hurt? See the waves dancing in the sea of tears which streams down of the face of the lonely eyes which cries out from the destruction within?

How can one scream out to stop the hurt that they feel? Deep waves come from the pain of darkness that lingers inside the heart of the desolate ocean which lives alone in the vastness of the ocean. Deep cries out to deep, but there’s no answer to be heard. Silence sets in. CHURNING! RAGING! DEVASTATINGLY ANGRY! OUTRAGEOUSLY BOISTERIOUS! BOOM! What now? The silence has set forth from being silent as the waves continues to churn in the deep sea of blackness which the eyes cannot see because of the anger overflowing from the depths of the sea of the hurt soul that is the crashing of the waves upon the lonely seashore.

What can the sky do except look on? What can the clouds do except pass on to their destinations unknown…until they return, the waves of the deep will churn violently until the soul of the hurt is at peace within themselves to see better days. To see better ways. To see smiles again upon their face where their tears once were. O, how marvelous it would be if they did not have to suffer with their rage within their heart of deepest hearts. Can, and will their soul stand it? Will it be at peace? Will the churning stop? Will the waves sense the tenseness that can be cut with a knife, or will their eyes open to reality that it was only just a dream, a nightmare to interrupt their blissful slumber.

The mind sees what it wants to see, and perceives what it perceives to remember, to hold on to for memories of the unknown which no one knows. Will the sun give her heat again? Will the stars twinkle again in the beautiful night sky? Will the planets clap their hands in galaxies unknown? All in all, do you see the waves?

Do you see the beauty in the waves as they tell their story when the ocean turns over? Life is funny like that. We have things churning within us that only comes to the surface in due time, but the sea is always turning over, but the question is this: WILL WE TURN OVER SOMETHING NEW! WILL WE LET THE RAGE GO THAT WE CARRY INSIDE? FOR HOW LONG WILL IT BE CARRIED UNTIL THE WAVES OF OUR SOUL COMES CRASHING DOWN LEAVING DESTRUCTION IN THE PATH THAT WAS ONCE CLEAR!?! Clear to see the right way to go. Clear to know right from wrong. Clear to sing a beautiful song.

See, life isn’t perfect as the waves are not either, but we learn to go with the flow just as the waves flow back out to the sea from whence, they came taking the danger and rage with them. See the waves? What waves are you going through in your life? Do not let the waves overtake you as beautiful as they are.

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