Satisfy My Heart

Satisfy my heart sweet love. Satisfy my heart with your soul from within. Give it what it needs, give it what it wants, it wants to be pleased.

Satisfy my heart with a beautiful love song, because with you is where my heart belongs. Satisfy my heart with the touch of your hands, caress it like it never has been. Say sweet nothings that will always be remembered. Fill my heart with joy and splendours.

Take my heart into your hands and love it like never before. Open up my heart and walk through it like walking through an open door. O, where will it lead you? What will you see? Tell me what’s there filled with care in which one can hold on to.

Satisfy my heart to make it beat again, because it is off. Turn it on again, touch my soul again from deep within your heart of hearts, and kiss it so it will mend. Satisfy my heart again.

Photo by Hernan Pauccara on

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