Working in the Rain

Blue skies turn gray, white clouds turn dark, and the sun goes in. The smell of rain fills the air. Who knows what it is going to do? Down it comes. Sheets of rain fall from the sky to the ground washing away what shouldn’t any longer be there. Washing away stress, depression, and anxiety to places unknown.

Lightening flashes and thunder rolls to make their presence known, but work must still be done. Rain continues to plummet the pavement and everything in its path connected to the ground including the grass which needs a huge drink because of thirst from the heat of the sun.

The birds and squirrels hide away in their homes as mother nature cleanses the earth to prepare for the new and upcoming season. Water flows like a rushing river to its destination unknown, it would be awesome if one knew of its final resting place. Only mother nature knows this. It isn’t for us to know.

Just as she shed her tears on the earth to refresh it, she dried her tears until she is ready to return. She left behind her sweet fragrance to be enjoyed by all who enjoyed her downpour.

Now, it’s the darkness of night that blankets the sky to later wrap us up for a good night of sleeping and relaxation from a hard day of working in the rain. ©2022, 09/04/2022


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