He Wouldn’t Let…

He wouldn’t let her use the car and the next day it rained washing all of that hard work right down the drain.

How should one feel, happy or sad? To the extent of it all, to her, it’s neither here nor there. Should she care, yes, or no? I guess one could say they reaped what they sewed.

One day he will need her or will need to use something of hers, but will she let him or not? Who knows? Only she does. Maybe she won’t because he wouldn’t let her.

She knows her blessings are coming, so she stays positive even in the disappointments she faces. She will remember that day though as a reminder of how she was made to feel, her heart did heal, it wasn’t a big deal.

She has a place to go to clear her mind for just a little while but at the end of the day she knows how she felt and she knows how she feels. She knows that tomorrow will be a better day. She keeps telling herself that her blessings are on the way. Therefore she isn’t going to worry because he wouldn’t let her. Ā©2022, 09/04/2022

Beautiful Fall evening.

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