Run Away Love

Love so close, but so far away in the mind that it has run away. Why does it want to run away? Is it not happy where it is, and is it not happy with who it is with? What does this run-away love want from the love that is there? Should she just give up on the run-away love? Should she just let run-away love be free?

Her eyes are sad. Her heart is sad, and her mind is overwhelmed with what is going on in the background. If she could sail away, she would, but where would she go? What would she do after she reached her destination? Who would she talk to? She would be in a strange place with strange people she did not know, but the question is this: WOULD SHE BE COMFORTABLE! WOULD SHE FIT IN? WOULD SHE BE ABLE TO BUY HER A PLACE TO LIVE!?

Love so close, but so far away in the mind that it has run away. It has run away to a place where it has always wanted to be, maybe it never wanted to fall in love again after the first tornado which blew through and left the devastation behind. Maybe it was forced to do something it did not really want to do, and now it is ready to split. It is not thinking about the love that’s there. It is not thinking about the feelings of the love that’s there. All it wants to do is go where things are legal because it is not legal in some places in the world; they just want to do what will make them happy, but in the long-run it will be consequences.

She can see things that run-away love cannot see. Her instincts are always right, but if run-away love want to leave her, she will not stop run-away love from doing so. Maybe it would be for the best, but then again, maybe not. Whatever happens in the future will happen. She knows that she cannot keep someone who doesn’t want to be kept. She knows that sometimes things are supposed to be let go. So, with her heart, she will let run-away love go since run-away love wants to be free.

She will be fine once she figures out what to do to get everything in the right order. She knows how to budget and make things cheap that she uses on a regular. Her heart will mend, and her past will be the end, but the present will be even better, her new present. Will run-away love miss what he had, or will run-away love want to stay where he is? Run-away love.

Happy and in love.

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