Inner Thoughts

Inner thoughts fill my mind swirling around gives me a headache. My heart aches within my soul and my emotions overflows from my eyes. What can one do? Feelings of hurt and pain sear through the soul of the hurt. Words want to come from within, but the voice cannot speak out. The words are held in for whatever reason; I suppose for the right time to be spoken. Distressed, and to stressed to sleep wondering why things are to be the way they are to be. Will things change, will they stay the same? Will time heal the brokenhearted and sew the soul back together again?

Inner thoughts want to think happy thoughts, but the mind keeps bringing up the things to make one think about why things are the way they are. Letting it go, I cannot. Forgetting about it, I cannot. Praying about it, I can, but letting them get away with it, I cannot. Inner thoughts bring to mind that justice must be served, but what can one do when the other doesn’t want to speak to the person who need to be spoken to?

Sleep flees from the tired eyes of tears being shed silently; only she knows why she cries. Only she knows what makes her heart hurt. Her eyes see the things that they see, and her ears hear what she hears which takes words straight to her heart. She listens to her favorite music to calm her inner thoughts, but the melodies pull at heartstrings which opens up the floodgate of her soul.

Thinking about what to do to make her soul happy again, she thinks about her blessings. She knows that everything happens for a reason from time to time, but some things should never happen. Some things should never be. Some things are just wrong. In due time, her inner thoughts will help her through all of what she has experienced. In the meanwhile, she will just live her life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. c.2022, L.A.

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