I Never Pictured

I never pictured you leaving. I never saw it in the stars. I never pictured you gone. I thought you would always be with us. I thought we would get to sit and talk and watch our children play together. I miss you every day since you went away. I still cry because I miss you. I guess I always will. I never knew just how much you loved me until you told me for the first and last time. I think about the times when we all would play together when were children. I remember when we would party and have a good time. I wish things never happened the way that they did, but now that is just a distant memory.

I never pictured us all going our own way. I cry because my heart won’t let you go. You are my brother, and I will always love you. Sometimes I feel like I want to scream! I wish you could have been here to talk to my baby because she would not listen to us. I sometimes hold my tears in because I do not want to cry around him. Sometimes I want to visit where they laid you to rest, but I have no way of going to see it. I just see it on his social media page. You have been gone a very long time. You are 41 years young now, celebrating in heaven with the angels. I know I should have written this on your birthday, but I was crying so much I couldn’t see how to type. My books are here! Yes! your sister is a published author. I just wanted you to know, but I know you are proud of me. I know you are smiling down on me from heaven.

I got my driver’s licenses. I finally went and took the driving part of the test and passed it. I am proud of myself because of how far I have come in my life. I just wish you were here to shar it with me. God needed you more, so He called your name, and you answered the call. Until next time, May God bless your sweet soul. Rest in heavenly peace. Thelonious Voncello Montral. My precious brother.

I Love You Tony. Rest In Heavenly Peace. Happy 41st birthday. July 29, 2022, Friday You are greatly missed.

I wanted you to have these beautiful things. I know you see them from heaven. I hope you like them.

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