Taken Lives

Corruption, destruction, hatred of color in a land of disorder, and chaos, lives in the mind of the destroyer. Stretched out, laid out, passed out, without breath to breathe, with no more eyes to see the light of the risen sun, laid taken lives.

Bloodshed, bullets rang out landing in the flesh of the innocent. Why? No reason, no explanation as to what for, just taken lives. With all ending it all the generations that will never get to walk the face of the earth. Blood cries out in the earth falling on the Father’s ears for vindication of it. Taken lives will no longer suffer, no longer smile, no longer cry because of heartbreak, no longer hear the music of the artists they liked, and no longer to study the history of war no more, for they now are a part of history that will be talked about for many years to come.

Taken lives, shaken lives, pain filled lives of those who are left behind to mourn their martyrs for always. Remembering stories that were created from their early years as children, and even the adults who were taken in the destruction of slaughter. Hatred lives, but will it ever die? Will there be revenge, and will this problem be solved for those taken lives?
God will take care of it all. Hell, and damnation will the destroyer receive for all eternity.

Pray for the taken lives and those they were forced to leave behind. c. 2022

Photo by paul voie on Pexels.com

Heaven is beyond the clouds and Jesus is there. Hold on to hope. Hold on to God’s unchanging hand. He is with you. His love endures forever. God bless.

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