Screams of rage from the inner man rips through the lungs as the air pushes it out into the atmosphere for all to hear. Nothing silent but loud in the ears of the screamer. Confused soul screams from tiredness of the nonsense that surrounds the mind and soul. What grief! What rage! Sitting on the inside of the heart for so long, it was bound to come out fighting as the demon breaks fourth from the soul of the one whose carrying it. Hard to let go, but yet it has to that the carrier may be set free from the bondage it has on it. Quiet, silence, peace for a while until it attacks again from within the soul of the carrier. Tears stream down the face of the vessel that the demon dwells in. Shouts from legions cursing the master of the creation known as Earth Father.

Breakdown from within from without, and from all around.

Breakdown, why? WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW?!

Breakdown, yell it all out!

Be you, do you, even if and when you breakdown! ©2022

Photo by Alex Green on

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