Melodies of Sound

Close your eyes and listen to the melodies around you. Where do they take you? Do they take your mind on a journey of sound that captivates your mind into symphonies that has never been heard before? What is felt within the chords and strings with the treble and bass that flows up and down the staff of music that’s written there.

Focus on what you are thinking as you listen to the sounds and melodies that give you words to put together with your own rhythm and beat that will move those who listen. Melodies of sound that whispers in the breeze that flows through the trees in the sky so high as the clouds pass on by. Glistening in the sun and twinkling in the stars floating in the galaxy so far away.

Listen to the melodies of sounds that’s being played today. Let the sounds take you to a place of tranquility and rest. Listen to the beats flowing around you that makes you want to move with that special someone who puts a smile on your face each day. Hum that sweet song in your heart and share it with that one and only who makes your heart skip a beat.

Walk, skip, hop, jump to the sounds of P-Funk, or whatever makes you move. Mix words with beats that rhyme to make rap beats that flows from the heart of the one whose spitting out the melodies that they feel inside of them. Suited, booted and cute in the refinery that was bought from your favorite place. Go out and dance the night away with the melodies and sounds around you in the night time, or the day time, or just whenever the mood strikes you to do so.

Melodies and sounds, melodies and sounds are the sounds that takes you back to better days when time was good, and everything was right in the world. Melodies and sounds, melodies and sounds, takes you back to a time when everyone would get together and party all day and night until the next day. Melodies and sounds make memories that can be shared forever and a day. Melodies and sounds take the sadness away, makes you laugh out loud and feel good about it.

Come into the scales of the music staff and jam with me. Join me on this journey of music and rhythm and beats that feeds the soul of the music lover. The universal language that needs no voice to speak, just rhythm and beats that makes us all move together in one accord. Melodies and sounds, melodies and sounds, let us all get down with the melodies and sounds. ©2022

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