Deprived of Loving

Long lonely nights of quiet solitude alone in your thoughts thinking about lovemaking sends the senses running wild. Longing for love, wanting to be touched in places that makes the body shake, quake, and tremble in all of the right places. The kind of love that makes you feel like you are seeing stars in outer space. The kind of love where rockets are bursting in the air. What a great sensation it would be! It would be magic!

Sitting reading a good romance novel on a cool rainy night, listening to soft music while the fire crackles in the fireplace, makes the words leap off of the page into your thoughts. Sitting and imagining it was you in the story as the action takes place between the two who are madly in love with each other. Whispers of soft intentions as things take place between the two. Cascading waterfalls of kisses in places that only hands should touch, should caress with tenderness. Glistening sweat pours from the bodies of making love over and over again. What captivating romance? What passion? It is a shame it is only a story and not real life.

The heart pants…longing to be loved, but deprived of loving. Oh, how it would feel good to be loved. How good would it feel to have a happy heart that has been caressed from within…from without. To have a heart be kissed with sweet passion and desire. What the heat from it would be like to send senses racing to a plateau of no return, maybe just for a little while…what does it hurt to dream? What does it hurt to fantasize about it?

Sipping on that special something to take the edge off of the tension of stress, to ease the mind to rest, to be calm in the storm that is racing within. Scream if you want to! Yell if you want to! Maybe it will make you feel better of being deprived of loving. Put on music to dance to slowly thinking in your thoughts of wanting to be loved, the heart breaks…tears fall from the eyes of the lonely heart longing t be loved. Longing to be held. Longing to be wanted to be held close, tightly to the core of the heart that beats within the soul that is being deprived of loving.

Looking out at the night sky of the darkness that is there, wishing to catch a falling star to make a wish hoping it would come true. Slowly walking outside of the mind and heart into a land where only love exists. More than one can stand in a whole lifetime. Only smiling faces of pure pleasure and happy hearts not deprived of loving.

Opening the eyes from this fantasy lets me know it was just a dream. A dream so sweet, so real, so lucid. A dream to remember hoping to revisit again…only in my mind, or maybe while sleeping and dreaming. ©2021

I am the author of all of the stories and poetry you read here. I hope you all enjoy reading them just as much as I enjoy writing them. Keep writing. ©2021

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