Taking a Leap of Faith

Doubts arise in our minds when we want to do something. Do we do it?

We wonder and think should it be done, can we do it?

Just because we can not see the future, do we believe it is there?

When we dream our dreams, do we believe they will come true?

This is what we have to do, we must take a leap of faith.

We do things that we know only God can help us with, to bring us through.

Leap of Faith is just doing it. Believing in what we cannot see, but knowing.

Knowing in our heart that God has us, without a shadow of a doubt.

He will work it out and love us through it all.

Taking a leap of faith can be the best thing anyone can do, especially when you want to do something you have never done. ©2021

Praying in faith.

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