Good-Bye Summer!

Good-bye Summer! It has been fun basking in the sun, fighting the heat and all that it brings.

Good-bye Summer! Cool days are coming to fill the atmosphere, the changing of the leaves are starting; Autumn is almost here.

Good-bye Summer! It is time for you to sleep. To take a very long nap until next year. To put up your blazing rays of heated days and hot nights.

No more breathing in your heat that greets us as we walk outside of our doors.

No more sweltering, melting, and burning heat rashes that makes bumps and stings.

No more sweat pouring down our face and back wetting up our clothes with stickiness.

Good-bye Summer! To the mosquitoes and flies that bite and bother us.

No more swarming and buzzing ruining our evenings of fun and laughter.

No more gnats to irritate us when we sit outside in the evening.

Soon coming cool days and sweet cool nights to enjoy, the moon and the stars that shine above us.

To listen to the sounds of the night that can’t be heard in the day.

Good-bye Summer!, Hello to wind blowing trees that cools the eve.

Looking up at the night sky seeing the clouds creeping on by to their destinations they are traveling to, makes me wonder if at all could they at all be followed; to see what is on the other side of the horizon of night.

Good-bye Summer! It has been fun; enjoyed your months of heated company and days of heated fun, nights of partying and making many memories to share with friends and family. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Hello! Autumn! We’ve been awaiting your arrival. Cool us off as the changing of the leaves come.

Bring beauty to our world in every color that is permitted to come.

Bring joy in your colors that will make us smile.

Bring that sweet smell that fills the air that we long for each year.

Bring the Autumn skies that are beautiful and clear.

Good-bye Summer!, missed you will be, see you next year and don’t make haste.

Take your time before your return, it is our skin we do not want you to burn.

Keep your rays far, far away, please don’t return soon we pray.

Take your time, you arn’t the only one, the only season that wants to come and have fun.

We will enjoy Autumn when she finally arrives, we will not have to worry about being stung, because the bees are done having their fun.

In their hives they sleep so sweet having plenty of delicious honey to eat.

Good-bye Summer!

Good-bye Summer!

Sweet heated dreams Summer!

Come back next year after Spring rains water the earth to prepare the ground for new birth.

Enjoy your vacation while it lasts, because if you don’t it will be a thing of the past!

Good-bye Summer! ©2020

Beautiful flowers with Autumn colors.

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