Cloudy Summer Day

When the sun breaks over the horizon to wake up the new day, the birds fly from their nests to stretch their wings and play.

Butterflies flutter from flower to flower tasting the blessed nectar from above.

The bees are spreading pollen from flower to flower and from tree to tree, and fish are swimming from coast to coast, and from sea to shining sea.

Today it is cloudy on this warm Summer day, Oh! how I wish it would rain and take the heat away.

As I look up at the sky I see clouds starting to form, smelling the scent of rain on this new day that has been born.

This cloudy Summer day is so relaxing to me, I just want to sip on a cup of sweet tea.

As day turns to night the wind starts to blow, the sun has gone down and there is no more glow. No more glow from the sun there are only twinkles in the night sky.

The moon is glistening in the background as the night clouds roll on by.

Cloudy Summer day, no raindrops fell. This beautiful cloudy Summer day, I let my sorrows in the wind blow away. ©2020

I am the author of this beautiful poerty.

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