Rainy Monday

Sitting here watching television, I look outside of my door at the sky. I see birds flying by as the wind softly blows through the trees. As the leaves flicker from left to right it seems as if everything is alright. No sun today to shine, that is fine. It is still beautiful on this rainy Monday.

As evening has come, it is very quiet outside except for the cars and trucks passing by. It feels a little cool…the feeling of Autumn in the air. Taking in the freshness to me is a breath of fresh air. Feelings of calmness, love and romance is in the air, spend it with the one you love; show them that you care.

Listen to soft music, drink a glass of wine, read a good book just to pass the time. Pop some corn for a movie to watch. Whatever you choose to do; just do you and enjoy this beautiful rainy Monday. ©2020

Raindrps makes circles that looks like they are dancing to music.

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