Here Comes Summer, or Is It Already Here?

Now that it has gotten hotter since June has come, it is sweltering outside. The heat is not neat or sweet, it just can’t be beat.

Throats are dry, water doesn’t help. What can quench a dry thirst?

Sweat runs as we walk to and from our destinations while the heat beams down on us from the sky. Clouds remain moving, birds are in flight, but will we make it through this heat and be alright?

Eyes stinging from sweat can hardly see what’s in front of me, I just want some Sweet relief. Day after day, and night after night the outside is hot and on the inside, it’s not. Cool and refreshing air is blowing full blast to cool a tired soul. Sitting and resting, catching my breath breathing in the fresh coolness that I have been waiting on for so long.

To come to sit and relax is a special treat to one that has put in work at her nine to five, to call it a day and a night.

Dreading the Summer heat of the next day that is on the way, feels stressful because it is going to be a very long day, one must pray for strength to make it through a long, hot summer day.

Here comes summer, or is it already here? What shall one think? How should one feel? This heat is very real. It is letting us know whether we accept it or not, it is here and it is not leaving anytime soon. ©2020

Looks like fun!

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