Spoken Word…Spoken Words…Spoken by Me

Loud sounds filled with the sounds of music in the background of the heat that is being displayed all at the same time. Sweltering in the heat of the day as heat circulates around and around, it feels like hot hell.

Day of work working, working, working from sun up to sundown, no relief of rest, that one does need. Tired, sleepy, but restless because of tiredness that just will not subside. HELL!!! Sweet sleep these eyes need to dream, to rest, to refresh, to be my best.

Long days, long sleepless nights, toss and turn until day breaks. New smells of the next day takes the night away. As the night carries on through to daybreak, sounds of the new day fill the atmosphere with sounds so clear from those passing on going to their destinations afar.

Breathless, breathless, hard to breathe, breathing in the hot heat makes my body tired, sluggish, and drained, oh! How I wish it would just pour down and rain…to cool it off, to take away the heat that makes my body feel beat, to revive me again until the day comes to an end.

Piled so high not nearly touching the sky, cotton grows and grows. Different fabrics blended in makes one big mess to be felt by the hands of the one doing the moving and shaking and the taking of the fibers to their homes. It is worne, torne, spilled upon, and soiled to no end, but as day turns to night it is brought back again. For that day, minutes, and hours it served it’s purpose.

Do hands grow tired, yes. Do feet grow tired, yes. Does one get tired, yes, but does one love their purpose, yes, and would not change it for the world. Some days are better than others and one just wants to remain under the covers, but duty calls, one answers and her time is made.


Yet disregarding the sleepiness that she feels , a smile adorns her beautiful face. As she gets dressed to make her day, sounds of the morning rings in her ears. She walks to her destination right up the street. Making paper by time walking from place to place seeing faces out of place, some with smiles and grace, and some none at all. Blessing all as she goes through to help them make it through with hope for a better tomorrow that is not hers not theirs, but making the best out of the bad situation that faces us from day to day.

What can one say? What can one do? Pray? Not pray? Give up? Lose hope? Lose Faith? What would it profit? Nothing? Maybe something someday, what about today? What does one do? So many questions with few answers to some, will they come? Yes, no? What then? In the end we win, but before then… we ride it out together through all types of weather. Through every season that comes in this together we are one.

Sun shines on a cloudy day as the rain starts to fall in a mist to give us a taste of coolness as we breathe in the heat wishing for sweet relief. Thirsty are we quenching the thirst of dry throats from dehydration that leaves us weak. Taste of coolness rushes down to the soul of the stomach to be digested as we feel a bit better in this crazy weather. Summer it feels like although it is Spring, what… is Fall going to feel like Winter? I would hope not.

As the day starts to come to a close and night follows, darkness covers us as a blanket in slumber to give us sweet sleep, but sleep does not come as of yet for some…morning becomes their night. Eyes closed to dream of places afar, fairy lands and sugarplums brings a sweet taste to dreams as to where bitterness brings nightmares and sleepless nights, sleepless days, and brings fear to the heart of those that dream.

Awake my soul to the new morning that has dawned upon us. Say hello! Come my soul and let us enjoy a new day that we have never seen before, and be thankful for it. What awaits us this fine day? What does it have to show us? Is it good, bad, loud, soft, dreary, hot, cold, or all of the above? Who knows except the One who created it? We didn’t so therefore we don’t know. Can we say to the day, “Tell us about you”, no we cannot.

Whatever comes in one day, it is meant for that day. Accept it or not, it cannot be changed. We just have to make the best of it.

Conquering this devastation that has been thrown upon us is devastatingly stressful as we go on in our daily lives to try to make it through, wondering what to do as we sit and wait on the next thing to hear in our ears about this thug that has taken over our world. Shattered thoughts of our own thinking about this creature that has taken lives thus far, what is there to do?

New days no ways of getting just by, but we ask why? As we sometimes cry alone in our homes not knowing what to do, or not knowing what is going to happen next leaves us drained and stressed. Yes, this is a big mess this thug has created, but it will eventually come to an end. Will things be normal then? What is normal? What is right? Is this right, I know that it is not!!

What does right look like anymore? We see wrong all the day long. What do we do? What do we say to make it go away? The answer is NOTHING!! We can say, or do nothing to make it go away.

Distressed , tired, no rest, no sleep, no sweet dreams, this has become our everyday nightmare that we cannot wake up from; living in this nightmare from day to day, from night after night, from sun up to sun down; we live this nightmare not knowing how many more months, days, and year’s we are going to have to live like this. What is life as we once knew it? What is life as we now know it? Is it happy, NO!! Is it sad? YES!!!

We are now numbers being counted. We are no longer free to live our lives as we once did! Freedom taken by a virus that kills. Lives changed. People changed. Socializing changed. Will our world ever again be the same? I would like to think so, but that is a hope and a prayer, a miracle.

Months has passed by, and the devastation has worsened. Numbers are high as we sit and wonder why it has to be this way, will there ever again be happy days? What can we do except pray this thing away. Never give up on what we believe in because of this thug that has taken over like a tornado that will not stop leaving destruction in its path.

As lives are taken life goes on. Hearts are broken when listening to a favorite song. Tears stream as memories flood fourth to the front of their mind as they say goodbye to those they have left behind. In many dreams lost ones are seen… their voices heard in the distance…just a glimpse to see them as they were. Now they are resting in the arms of God. No more suffering. No more pain and tears; just peace and joy evermore. ©2020


Just for a short time I got to know you. I didn’t get to hold you, but I got to see you. Since the day your mom and dad walked into our house, I knew you were on your way here. You brought joy to my heart. Everyday I looked forward to coming home to see you, to talk to you, to tell you how much I love you, to feel your body growing on the inside of my baby. She was going to be your mother. I tried my best to give you what you wanted to eat; it didn’t matter if I got broke. I wanted to be the best grandmother to you that I possibly could be. It was like you were looking at me through your mother’s eyes the way she did when she was a baby. I know you were with us for just a short time, but when you went back home my heart broke, it shattered. Sometimes when I hug your mother, I reach out to touch you, but you are not there; I always say I am sorry as tears roll down my face. Your mother always tell me that it is alright and I will be okay. As I write this to you my Little Bit, I want you to know that I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart. Your Grammy will always love you. Our sweet little angel. ©2020

Photo by Onur Kurtic on Pexels.com

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