Not Ready

A mother I have always been, and I will be until the end. The time came for them to grow up and spread their wings, but I was not ready.

I was not ready to let them go, so I held on tight as I could. Letting them go I knew one day I would. As hard as it was my heart could not take the pain, so I cried as one does when they lose someone that they love.

Tears streamed down the surface if my heart so my face would not notice. When I looked at myself I saw a mother who loved her children to no end. I said to myself that the pain would eventually mend to soft memories that would last a lifetime.

I was not ready to let go, to say goodbye, to not let go of their smiles that brightened my day, that made my heart happy to sing, that made me laugh until my side hurt, to take pictures with, and just being us.

Now phone calls away we are. Their voices I hear, but their faces I cannot see unless they face time me. It is never enough, never easy to say goodbye for my eyes still cry for those I love and gave birth to. Mothers are never ready to let go of their little grown ones.

They have their lives to live as I have mine, but as I said before, I was not ready to let them go. In my dreams, they will always be simply because they are apart of me. ©2020

Traveling Light.

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