A Wondering Heart

A heart of one and a heart of two, one says to the other who are you? One smiles and the other sighs, they both have tears in their eyes.

One is of hurt and one is of pain, they both wonder if they will have joy again. They talk it out but to no avail they go away and wishes each other well.

Two hearts so different but loves the same, why can’t there be sunshine instead of rain? Rain, in the hearts of two… a heart is crying and doesn’t know what to do.

A heart wonders what to think, how to feel, but it is numb… feeling nothing…. alone.

A wondering heart longs to be loved deeply, and deeply cared for, wanted like no other.

Two hearts, one beat are one together, to be loved, to be held forever. No heart should ever be a wondering heart. ©2020

I know this is a forest, but the person is alone; this person to me represents a Wondering Heart.

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